Monday, March 17, 2008

Will Java CAPS 6 be based on Netbeans 6.1 ?

Rumors are that the next generation of Java CAPS will be based on a new Netbeans version. No more fights with the eDesigner, eventually. ICAN 5.0 and JCAPS 5.1 IDEs were based on a very old Netbeans (v 3.5) heavily customized by SeeBeyond, called the eDesigner. Additionally jcaps 6 JEE runtime is going to be Glassfish, the Sun open-source application server (at present jcaps runs over old SJAS 8.0).
For seasoned jcaps developers, used to workaround some eDesigner's weird behaviors, it will be a huge improvement, as Netbeans 6 represents probably the most advanced Java IDE in the market (and yes, I mean even better than Eclipse). Glassfish then is one of the best JEE 5 and EJB 3 implementation available, this means Java CAPS 6 is evolving to a complete and powerful Java enterprise application development environment, not limited to EAI only. That shows a strong Sun's commitment in favor of jcaps, good for both partners and customers.