Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sun Releases Milestone 1 for GlassFish ESB

Today Sun made the public release of Milestone 1 for GlassFish ESB.

"GlassFish ESB is a binary distribution of OpenESB. It consists of subset of the components in OpenESB. Sun will provide commercial support for GlassFish ESB."

GlassFish ESB delivers a lightweight and agile ESB platform that packages the innovation happening with Project OpenESB into a commercially supported, enterprise-class platform. In essence, GlassFish ESB is a binary distribution that combines technology from Project OpenESB, the GlassFish application server and the NetBeans IDE communities into a supported, commercial distribution.
  • GlassFish ESB is a binary distribution from the open source bits in OpenESB.
  • Sun will support GlassFish ESB just like any other product: it will not just support the latest version, but also older versions. Once released, fixes to GlassFish ESB will be made on a branch behind the firewall and will be merged periodically to the head of the OpenESB code repository. This is an important point for customers who don’t like to continuously upgrade in production.
  • Sun will continue to develop in open source on the OpenESB head.
  • GlassFish ESB will be released on Dec 5th; there will be two more milestone releases in between.
  • The GlassFish ESB site will soon live on There are a few pages for GlassFish ESB on OpenESB just temporarily. We’re trying to separate the commercial aspects (i.e. GlassFish ESB) from OpenESB as much as possible: OpenESB is and should remain an open source community.
  • The GlassFish ESB downloads will remain on OpenESB because the bits are being developed in Open Source.
  • This does not change anything for the ESB Suite, MDM, and JavaCAPS: we will continue to develop them. There is and will remain a value differentiation between GlassFish ESB and the other products.
  • There will be separate component releases next to GlassFish ESB. E.g. IEP will release soon as a separate component.
Main Features
  • A flexible platform supporting multiple architectural styles (SOA, EJB, MoM, BPM)
  • Modular architecture enabling a tailored solution platform for specific project and enterprise needs.
  • Leading SOA and WS-* (WS-IT/Metro) support with industry leading interoperability with other platforms
  • Integration tooling, based on the award-winning NetBeans IDE with integrated service development, deployment and testing
  • Support for JBI, Java EE 5 and a wide range of other key industry standards
  • Based on fully open communities Project OpenESB, GlassFish and NetBeans
  • Backed by Sun's software support services
  • Backed by a large and growing community with an exciting roadmap and future vision
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