Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Sun Glassfish Portfolio

Sun has announced the new Glassfish Portfolio.

Finally Sun seems is learning something from MySQL, they are selling added-value tools for paying customers.

"GlassFish Enterprise Server subscribers are entitled to Enterprise Manager, which delivers improved management and performance monitoring features."

Before the Enterprise Manager was available only for Java CAPS. The new version seems to be a lot improved anyway:
  • SNMP monitoring: Leverages existing SNMP infrastructure to monitor GlassFish
  • Performance Advisor: Proactively monitors key performance indicators and automatically tunes JDBC connection pools.
  • Performance Monitor: Diagnoses performance bottlenecks with visibility into key GlassFish performance metrics.
This was a much needed tool for enterprise customers, as monitoring and management is one of the primary features of any ESB, by definition.

From my point of view Glassfish ESB is not an opensource product with optional commercial support, it is a commercial product with the additional benefit of being opensource. Putting words in the right order makes a lot of difference sometimes.