Friday, December 21, 2007

The Fluxology Office and GigaSpaces

Yesterday Paul successfully applied for the GigaSpaces startup program.
We will work with the exciting GigaSpaces technology and we want to explore both technical and business opportunities. We think GigaSpaces is an ace especially in the finance and telecommunication markets, were the capacity to deal with a huge number of transactions in high availability and the capacity of easily scaling horizontally for performances are crucial.

"GigaSpaces provides infrastructure software solutions that deliver unparalleled dynamic scalability for high-volume transactional applications, without the overhead and complexity inherent in traditional multi-tier development & deployment environments."

"GigaSpaces’ innovative “space-based architecture” combines advanced services such as distributed data caching, distributed messaging bus, parallel processing, and grid-enablement with open standards and cross-language support to enable a “write once, scale anywhere” approach to the development and deployment of distributed applications."

Next step on our side will be to create a set of joint solutions with Java CAPS and GigaSpaces, the possibilities and applicative fields are infinite. I will blog here for news about this experiment.