Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Fluxology Office is Now a Sun Belgium's Services Partner

The Fluxology Office s.r.l., being committed to grow a stable and fruitful relationship with Sun Microsystems in all EMEA regions, has established a partnership with Sun Belgium. An important part of the relationship will be to develop expertise and provide feedback about the incoming new Java CAPS release, which will represent a quantum leap in terms of EAI, SOA and complex events processing tools.
Even if features of new product are still undisclosed (not to say secret), hopefully it will be the very first fully Sun-engineered release after the SeeBeyond acquisition in 2005, and it will be fully compliant with the latest JEE 5 specifications.
Here at Fluxology we think Sun is going to offer the most complete and technologically advanced application and integration JEE development platform.